It’s the start of a new quarter and a new half of the year – these are the highlights of the first week:

Julian’s Quote of the Week

The hard part about being useful is that it is everyone else who decides if you are or not.

Explosive Record Rally! Cryptos and Stocks now crashing until End of 2023?

Will the second half of 2023 be as bullish as the first half, or is the crisis many feared coming now?

Julian shares his thoughts on the second half of the year in this video: ​https://youtube.com/watch?v=bLLSEhAvApU​

Julian’s Question of the Week

I’m confused: What’s the tone we are using on Threads? Is it as rude as on Twitter, is it as fake as on Instagram, is it as professional as on LinkedIn, or is it as irrelevant as on Facebook?

Julian’s Threads page: ​https://www.threads.net/@julianhosp​

In The News

Quarter Review and Preview

Julian is a person who always sits down and reflects at the beginning of a new quarter or year. Here you can find his quarterly reflection and preview of the second half of the year:

1) ​Crypto Review Q2 2023: 10 key points, personal learnings and predictions​

2) ​Preview of the 3rd Quarter 2023: An Exciting Crypto Summer Ahead

Those were the most important updates from this week. And what have you been up to? 🙂


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