Books by Dr. Julian Hosp

“It must be hell on earth to meet the person you could have become.”
Dr. Julian Hosp

As an entrepreneur, a husband, in sports or as a blockchain expert, Julian lives his life to the fullest. Probably you are interested in how you can achieve this, too. He shows you the way in his books.

Many paths lead to success. No matter if you want to become a blockchain expert or entrepreneur or if you want to take yourself personally to the next level. Julian shows you the way, be it on a private or a professional level. His books have won several awards and been read over hundreds of thousand times. All in simple language, easy to understand and profound at the same time.

Because everything you need for your success can be found in Julian’s books and in yourself.


An inspiration to take all those decisions in life that you wanted to take for a long time, but didn’t dare to do so. Until now.

  • 25 encouraging, but also shocking stories from Julian’s life with 75 lessons
  • An encouraging & easy read: The best book for everyone who feels a bit lost and seeks inspiration
  • Learn from the mistakes from others: If you can learn from the mistakes from others, you don’t have to repeat them yourself
  • Find true motivation and purpose with this emotional roller coaster


Far more than just Bitcoin – the next revolution. And it is far more than just Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs & Co.

  • Dangers & weaknesses of decentralized applications
  • More than 100 applications to use in your business or for yourself
  • Technology simply and 100% correctly explained
  • For newbies & pro’s who want to understand the technology behind Bitcoin & Co.
  • Free workbook as bonus


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, ICOs & Co. simply explained

  • All basic knowledge in one place: so easily to understand so that even a 10-year-old could understand them
  • Separate chapters for Tech-Savy readers for everyone who wants an in-depth tech knowledge
  • Complex Data simply explained: Learn about terms such as Decentralization, Blockchain technology and much more
  • Digitalisation 2.0: Get to know everything what is awaiting us in the near future
  • Massive change through technology: Which technologies have the potential to be the next internet
  • Free workbook as bonus