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TenX presale goal of 100,000 ETH reached within 36 hours

While not official yet (we need to wait until we get the exact amount of funds from our Chinese partners in), we are very happy to announce that we have reached our 100k ETH (around 39 million USD) pre-funding goal for our PAY token presale within only 36hrs.

How do Blockchain assets truly derive their value?

Many people are not fully aware on how an asset derives its value. They believe it is purely a function of supply and demand. This however is only 1/3 of the full story. Any Blockchain asset’s value is generally decided by 3 factors: How many people are interested in...

Seed Round Announcement TenX

We are excited to announce the successful closing of our seed round investment. Fenbushi Capital with Bo Shen and Vitalik Buterin as General Partners.

April 2017 Card updates & exciting news

We have some exciting news to share. As we have communicated roughly 2 weeks ago, our legally mandatory update has successfully completed.