At first sight it seems impossible to become #cryptofit. Blockchains, wallets, fiat, cryptocurrencies – new terms, new currencies, a new world.

This is when Julian enters the stage. He explains it in such simple, doable steps so that everyone can actually do it.

“Never have I learned so many practicable new things in such a short time.”

- Sabine Koll, Germany

Join the financial revolution with me:

It is my mission to help people all around the world to become #CRYPTOFIT


Which ones are worth looking into?


What is it and why is it revolutionizing the world?


How does it worth both for currencies and also assets?

What do people say about me?

“Refreshingly different”, “consistently exciting”, “like no other”, “helping to become financially free” is how people describe Julian’s keynotes. Indeed Julian’s talks are unique as he prefers to tell stories that stick instead of raw facts that might be important but boring. His keynotes are simply different.


He is taking a different path than most so-called experts. Everything he passes on to his audience is tested by himself. His experience in professional sports, psychology, mindset, entrepreneurship and cryptocurrencies makes his knowledge unique - he learns the people how to fish instead of feeding them.


Julian is obsessed with finding and defining „smart shortcuts“, also in the finance world: taking decisions where others would go the general way, finding paths out of the box, thinking creatively how to be faster and get leapfrog high performance success with settling for no less than outstanding results. The economy is never standing still, why you need to adapt fast and with a brilliant knowledge base. This is what Julian gives!

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