We are about to enter an exciting quarter in the world of cryptocurrencies. After an eventful second quarter, we are now looking forward to the coming months with anticipation. In this post, I would like to share my expectations and suspicions about the potential events of the third quarter. Here are the 12 points I am watching closely:

1. Maturity of the Digital Currency Group Loan

One of the potential key events is the maturity of Digital Currency Group’s $575 million loan from Genesis in August. Will this significant sum of Bitcoins be released earlier or not? This will have an impact on the market.

2. Drama at Binance

The ongoing drama at Binance is also likely to keep the market busy in the next quarter. How the situation will develop and what consequences this will have for the crypto market remains to be seen.

3. Crypto Crackdown

The increased regulatory pressure on the crypto market, also referred to as the “crypto crackdown”, is also likely to play a role in the next quarter. The question here is how the market will react to increasing regulatory measures.

4. Spot ETF Hopium

There is a lot of speculation around the possibility of a spot ETF, although I personally don’t think it will happen first. However, if it were to happen, it would have a significant impact on the market.

A possible spot ETF is definitely one of the more important items on this list, along with the Binance development.

5. Die USA could sell 1 Billion worth of BTC

Another speculation is that the US could sell $1 billion worth of Bitcoin. If this happens, it would certainly be a significant event for the crypto market.

6. Will Saylor Buy?

The question of whether Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy and a well-known Bitcoin proponent, will continue to buy Bitcoin is also of interest. It will be exciting to see how his decisions affect the market.

7. Tether Finances

In the third quarter, Tether will again publish figures for the second quarter. It will be interesting to see if these figures are in line with expectations and what kind of reactions they cause on the market.

8. ETH vs. BTC Ratio

Another exciting topic is the relationship between Ethereum and Bitcoin. It will be interesting to see how this develops during the quarter and what this means for the two cryptocurrencies.

9. Full Economic Crisis?

There are increasing concerns about a possible full economic crisis. How the crypto market will react to such macroeconomic developments is certainly an aspect we should keep an eye on.

10. Real Estate Issues?

Similar to the general economic situation, there are also concerns about the real estate market. Here, too, there could be overlaps with the crypto market, which we will have to monitor in the next quarter.

11. FED Rate Hikes

There could be up to two interest rate hikes from the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve. These could have an impact on the traditional financial markets and also on the crypto markets, but it remains to be seen whether this is not already priced in.

12. Russia and Taiwan

Last but not least, there are geopolitical tensions in countries like Russia and Taiwan that could have an impact on the crypto market. We should also keep a close eye on these developments.

These are the key points we will be watching in the upcoming quarter. It promises to be an exciting summer, and I look forward to following these developments with you.

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