It’s been a turbulent week for Bitcoin, and many of us are wondering why the price has dropped so significantly and what the future holds for us. Let’s dive deeper and find out.

1. The Influence of the Bitcoin Spot ETF

A major topic of discussion lately has been the potential Bitcoin Spot ETF. While such an ETF could be bullish for Bitcoin in the long run, it might have a bearish effect in the short term. Why? Because many don’t understand how it works. A significant portion of the current Bitcoin volume has already been sold, and an ETF could amplify this selling without actually buying new Bitcoins.

2. The Role of Binance

Binance recently sold a substantial part of its US dollar reserves and invested in Bitcoin. This was likely a reaction to upcoming regulatory challenges. But now, with the Bitcoin price dropping, the question arises whether Binance will continue to sell to minimize losses.

3. The USA and Bitcoin

There are rumors that the USA might have sold some of its Bitcoin reserves. While this might seem illogical to many, it makes sense from the USA’s perspective. For them, the value of Bitcoin is primarily its price, and they might decide to sell to strengthen their position.

4. What’s Next?

Honestly, I see the current situation quite emotionlessly. I believe we will see a similar development in the next six months as in the past months. There might be more sales from major players like Binance, but there might also be positive developments that push the price up again.


It’s essential to remember that the crypto market is volatile, and there will always be ups and downs. Instead of focusing on the daily price, we should focus on the bigger picture and remember our long-term goals. And don’t forget always to keep learning and stay informed!

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