Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s already the 26th week of the year and it feels like the year has just begun. It’s an exciting time, especially in the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin performed exceptionally well last week, outshining all other top coins. But where does this strength in Bitcoin come from and why has BNB shown weakness in comparison?

All my thoughts in this video – below a summary

Bitcoin: The shining star

Bitcoin has really left all the other top coins in the shadows this week. It’s amazing to see how strongly Bitcoin performed compared to the other coins in the top 10. But where does this strength come from? Part of it could be due to the progress in the metaverse. There are a lot of projects being built, and I see huge opportunities in that area. I think a lot is going to happen there.

BNB: A weak week

In contrast to Bitcoin, BNB had a weaker performance this week. It was actually the only coin in the top 20 that was red over the last seven days. While Bitcoin was up almost 20%, BNB was down. But why is that the case? It could be that these two developments are related.

The world of cryptocurrencies: What’s next?

It’s always difficult to say what will happen next, especially in the world of cryptocurrencies. But I’m excited to see how things will develop. I’m especially excited to see how Bitcoin and BNB will perform. Will we see a sector rotation in stocks? Will we see a bounce in oil or gold? Only time will tell.

Closing Thoughts

It has been an exciting week in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin has been doing great, while BNB has had a weaker week. But that’s the beauty of the cryptocurrency world: It’s always full of surprises. I’m looking forward to this week and excited to see what it will bring.

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