It’s the first week of a historically positive month… but what can we expect from October this year?

UPtober or OctoBEAR?!

Just looking at the past 4 years, one might anticipate a bullish October. But were those a mere coincidence, or are things looking quite rosy this year as well?

Find out about Julian’s thoughts and expectations in this video: ​https://youtube.com/watch?v=I7lVRESgZ7U​


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Julian’s Q&A of the Week

Q: What do you do during a sideways market with not much happening?

A: It’s key during sideways market to a) not lose interest completely or b) not get too emotional about your investments, which may be in the red. Always remember how fast things can go in the cryptospace. Sideways markets are a perfect time to ​dollar-cost-average​ and build. Not only build your positions, but build something useful!! That makes time fly faster than anything 🙂

In The News

Quote of the Week

You don’t have to be perfect, quite the opposite: It’s often enough to do something not perfectly, but just often enough.

Those were the most important updates from this week. And what have you been up to? 🙂


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