It’s been a quiet week in the crypto market, but there is one particularly happy community… Why? ???? And has Julian sold all his Bitcoins? Find out in this week’s highlights!

We’re in a bear market? Well…

The DeFiChain Community doesn’t seem to care all that much!

Wow ‚Äď that’s quite some liquidity to still have such a high yield!

Julian’s Q&A of the Week

Q: You have been critizing Bitcoin a lot lately. Why? Have you sold all your Bitcoins?

A: No, I am still invested in Bitcoin. I simply criticize the lack of utility, or rather I want to call on the community to build on and around Bitcoin and bring further utility into it! I am also not just talking, but actively doing this myself:

So, while I know, some of you think, I am anti-Bitcoin, I am absolutely not. Just like a good chess player, you analyze your position fairly. I want to stay intellectually honest, about what is needed, for Bitcoin and the Crypto Space as a whole to succeed, while calling out bad behavior.

In The News

Quote of the Week

What do you need to exchange your time into right now, to get the most value out of it in the long term?

Question of the Week

If you believe in the 4-year cycles for Bitcoin, which I don’t (fooled by randomness), then we are halfway through the current one. 2025 would be the year of real hopium. What are your thoughts on this?

Those were the most important updates from this week. And what have you been up to? ūüôā


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