Over the past few months, I’ve been rather neutral on Bitcoin, and I haven’t seen the value in the Lightning Network. But that changed abruptly last week! Find out why in this video.

A summary of the video below

Inflation Numbers and the Economy

This week, consumer and producer inflation number will be released. Inflation is expected to decrease, but the question is how much and how quickly. The EU and Germany are in a recession, while inflation in the UK is going through the roof. In the US, wages have been rising faster than inflation recently, leading to positive sentiment. But deep down, we all feel that we might be entering a critical phase.

Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence

An interesting point that came up last week was the discussion about how Bitcoin can be used by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It was found that Bitcoin was used less last month than the month before. A large part of the usage came from students who are now on holiday and therefore use Bitcoin less. But the topic of AI in relation to Bitcoin is very interesting. I can imagine that many things that are difficult for a human with Bitcoin could be simplified by AI.

Dollar-Cost-Averaging into Bitcoin

I have changed my mind and added Bitcoin back to my dollar-cost-averaging portfolio. This doesn’t mean that I think Bitcoin will rise immediately next week or next month. It simply means that I’m starting to build my position. If Bitcoin continues to fall, I’ll buy more.

New App and Focus on Dollar-Cost-Averaging

In my company, we are releasing a new app that has a strong focus on dollar-cost-averaging. We are trying to create ways for you to do dollar-cost-average completely without fees. Imagine how great that is: You collect points with your credit card and get one dollar of Bitcoin, one dollar of DeFiChain, or whatever you want for one dollar.

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Final Thoughts

We live in an exciting time with many developments in the world of cryptocurrencies. It’s important to stay up-to-date and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. I’m looking forward to the coming week and am curious to see what it will bring.

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