everal thousand of them, each promising something different, how he wants to change the world. But how can you rate your Altcoins?

In the ICO Hype, certain coins made several millions. Some are directly from it with the money, others are still trying to keep their heads above water. Most of us still have Altcoins in our portfolio, but don’t know exactly what to do now. Some of the coins are delisted continuously at the Exchange, some sink to misery and what does your coin do?

In my opinion “sunk cost fallacy” comes into play. Many of us calculate an amount that is much older, still has influence on the current decisions. You can find out what I mean by that in the video:

Julian Hosp

Which Altcoins do you have and how do you deal with them? I am happy to read your opinion in the comments!

Your Julian! 🙂

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