In today’s blog post, I want to discuss a topic that is very close to my heart: dopamine dependency and the art of delayed gratification. These topics are crucial not only in child-rearing and investing but also in building a business. I’ll share my thoughts on this, based on one of my favorite stories from my book “25 Stories for My Younger Self”.

The Tree Story: A Lesson in Patience

The tree story from my book resonates with many readers. It’s about my childhood, where I had to plant a tree. This task taught me patience and the challenges associated with waiting. It’s a metaphor for life, where things need time to grow and flourish.

Dopamine and Delayed Gratification

The Marshmallow Experiment is a classic example of delayed gratification. Children who could wait often had more success later in life. This shows how important the ability to delay gratification is and how it’s linked to our dopamine pathways in the brain. In today’s world, dominated by instant gratification, this ability is more important than ever.

Challenges of the Modern World

Today, we are constantly surrounded by stimuli that affect our dopamine pathways. From social media to on-demand services – our environment promotes instant gratification. This can lead to an addiction that’s hard to control. Personally, I try to keep my dopamine pathways as “clean” as possible by being conscious of my behavior.

Parenting and Delayed Gratification

As a father, I see the importance of delayed gratification in parenting. It’s crucial to teach children that they can’t always get what they want immediately. This ranges from choosing music in the car to decisions about food. I believe that a certain level of “hardness” in parenting is necessary to prepare children for life.

Investing and Patience

In the realm of investing, patience is a key factor. Many people in the crypto space are after quick riches, which often leads to impatient and poor decisions. Long-term thinking and the ability to delay gratification are keys to success.


The lessons from the tree story and understanding dopamine and delayed gratification are applicable in many areas of life. Whether in parenting, investing, or building a business – the ability to wait for rewards is an invaluable asset. Let’s cultivate and strengthen this ability.

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