October really was an Uptober and everything is looking very positive at the moment. But the question remains: Will this positive trend continue in November? In a short but important video you will learn what this month holds for us – opportunities, but also risks that need to be considered! Below you will find a summary of my thoughts.

Vacation and Work

First off, I was on vacation! The first time in two years. It was a much-needed break, especially since there’s so much going on in our company. We’re launching something new, and it’s been a lot of work. That’s why there have been fewer videos from me lately. But don’t worry, I’m back and ready to share my thoughts with you.

Bitcoin in November

November is just around the corner, and the big question is: Where is the price of Bitcoin headed? If the price rises too sharply and hits a new all-time high, I might actually consider selling a significant portion of my portfolio. Why? Because I find such a rapid increase in such a short time to be risky.

The Bitcoin ETF

Another hot topic is the Bitcoin ETF. Many are wondering if such an ETF brings added value to Bitcoin. My opinion? A Bitcoin ETF doesn’t add any extra utility or value to Bitcoin. It merely brings more reputation and a stronger brand name. But it doesn’t change the fundamental properties of Bitcoin.

My Forecast

I don’t expect to see a new all-time high in November. But a rally? That could very well be possible. It all depends on whether the ETF gets approved in November and what the overall sentiment in the market is.

Final Thoughts

I’m generally cautious as an investor. I buy when others aren’t buying and sell when others aren’t selling. This strategy has served me well over the past nine years, especially in the volatile crypto market.

Let me know what you think! Where do you see the price of Bitcoin in November? Do you believe the month will be green or red? I look forward to your comments and thoughts.

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