I wanted to give you 13 crypto book recommendations for Xmas 2019. Especially the next 2 weeks should be used NOT to stay longer in crypto groups or news portals, but rather to approach the topic Crypto & Blockchain with a longer timehorizon. Especially a few more fundamental books that I would like to recommend to you here.

  1. Crypto currencies simply explained: If you have not read my book yet, then you should read it. It gives you all the basic knowledge for crypto currencies.
  2. Blockchain 2.0 – more than Bitcoin: 2. shameless self-plug – this book is great to get to know all other blockchain applications
  3. The Bitcoin Standard: Good book from an economic side around Bitcoin.
  4. Mastering Bitcoin: The good old Bitcoin programming bible – I would only read it if you can already program.
  5. Bitcoin Billionaires: The story about the Winkelvoss twins out of Facebook, into Bitcoin. Great story, especially if you know the people personally.
  6. Programming Bitcoin: If you know Python, good book for programmers: 
  7. 1984: The classic, all about the dangers of centralization
  8. Economics in one lesson: Very good for simply understanding the economy
  9. The creature of Jekyll Island: A mad book about our financial system.
  10. Financial Serial Killers: Describes very well how many scammers are unfortunately in the crypto area and how you recognize them. It helped me a lot.
  11. Bad Blood: Describes well how many founders lie to investors, because of their own ego and go over corpses. It helped me a lot when I got kicked out of my past company earlier this year to realize that my ex-partners are just the same kind as Holmes.
  12. Thinking in bets: Excellent for making better investment decisions
  13. Timehorizon Principle: Own Shill, because the book is from me, but it is important to invest with the right Timehorizon. If you don’t know the book yet, it’s a must for the right investor Mindset.

Do you have another book that helps you become a better crypto investor?

Merry Christmas and have fun reading,