We are now in the 4th part of our series of “How would I invest XXXX$ now”. We started with a small sum of 1000$ and now we are at one million Euro!

Investing is becoming more and more popular and even with small amounts of money it is much easier to invest nowadays. You can download an APP from the App Store, register, verify and then you can invest in various assets.

There are many youtubers and advertisements that attract people to make big profits with little capital. There are a lot of rip-offs and scams, you just want your own money. Therefore, a lot of caution is required and not become greedy – when investing and control two emotions: fear and greed.

With this video series, I would like to enlighten the community a little. I don’t want to give any concrete information, but show you how you can learn how to invest and recognize good investments! So you are independent and can sleep much better!

So have fun with the video: How would I invest 1’000’000 Dollar

What do you think of the video and what is your opinion about it?

We have also developed an investor quiz: Try the quiz: https://www.julianhosp.com/quiz and let me know in the comments which type of investor you are! What type do you think I am?

Your Julian

Your Julian

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