We are already at the 3rd part of our series. The first time we talked about how I would invest with $1’000. The second time with $10’000 and now we are already at $100’000.

The sum of $100’000 is not 100% fixed. It is as always, a flowing process. As far as I see it at the moment, this strategy is to make from 50’000 – 250’000. Important: In the end it is also a very individual decision how to invest your money. Depending on the situation.

Another important point is the time factor. You don’t have to invest every single dollar like everyone else always says – no – it’s about where you get the biggest returns!

In the video I go into extreme detail:

Click here for the Part 01 video: “How would I invest 1,000 USD right now?” https://youtu.be/-DRHe3Xpunk
Click here for the Part 02 video: “How would I invest 10,000 USD right now https://youtu.be/IKRxf7HTWpA

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