In the past videos we have looked at various investment opportunities. New questions keep coming up, which I cannot answer all of them personally and therefore I would like to make a video for everyone.

This time it is about gold and other precious metals – how do other investors see this and what is my opinion about it?

There are different ways of investing, one is like Warren Buffet – diversify as little as possible and instead put a lot of time and money into one thing. The other option is used by Ray Dalio, he diversifies as much as possible and makes sure that these investments do not collide with each other. You can be extremely successful with both strategies, you just have to find the one that suits you best – I am more of a Ray Dalio investor and like to diversify!

If you look at the different investment options, I think pretty much everything is overhyped except Bitcoin and Gold. These two investments have outperformed pretty much everything in recent years and still see extremely high growth in both!

Watch the video for more details and my strategies:

I hope you enjoyed the video and wish you all the best!

See you next video, your Julian!

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