Crypto is rather quiet at the moment, and I am currently reading my own book, which I published 8 years ago, for self-reflection: “25 stories I would tell my Younger Self”. Much has happened since then.

The first story is about how my parents raised me as a child – at about the same age as my own son is now! In this video, I share how I had to work for my ice cream, and how raise my own children. Below, you can find a summary of the video.

Imagine you are a child and you have a huge craving for ice cream.

But instead of just giving you an ice cream, your mother says: “Swim five laps in the pool and the ice cream is yours!”

That’s exactly what my mother did to me back then. At first, of course, I wanted to fight it and started whining and crying, but no, she wouldn’t let up.

At some point it actually sounds like a fair deal, doesn’t it? You do it a few times, swim your five laps with ease by now, want to get your ice cream again and suddenly she says: “Now six laps!”

Just frustrating. And then at some point even eight! I’m sure you can imagine how I felt about that as a child. It was just mean.

But in reality, it was a very good education and preparation for real life.

Just as prices rise every year or your job demands more and more of you, my mother indirectly taught me that life doesn’t stand still.

It also taught me not to shy away from challenges, but to embrace them. And to keep pushing myself, even when the going gets tough.

And it also teaches you about motivation: If you have a big enough why, you’ll do things that you might not actually feel like doing.

Although I thought it was really mean what my mother did to me as a child, I am really grateful to her today for this kind of upbringing.

And you know what? My sons will have to work for their ice cream too!

If you want to hear more stories like this, read my book: https://geni.us/25Stories

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