Things get turbulent on day 38 of the 90-day comeback challenge: Bitcoin crashed and the markets are down double digits in some cases. What does the bearish sentiment mean for the company and the challenge? Find out in this article.

Accepting the Uncontrollable

You’ve surely experienced this: you have big plans, and suddenly something unexpected happens. This can occur in your personal life, but just as much in business. Today is a perfect example of this. We see the US government and the German government selling their Bitcoin. Additionally, the Mt. Gox Bitcoins are being distributed, and panic is spreading everywhere. Prices are plummeting, and some are already talking about the end.

The problem? We can’t influence the crypto prices. Sure, we can buy and sell, but in the end, the price is determined by the market, and that’s not us. Therefore, it’s crucial that we focus on the things we can actually influence.

Focusing on the Essentials

Instead of panicking or getting distracted by the noise, we should focus on what we can control. This means not talking about the price crash all day but acknowledging it and then shifting focus to our roadmap. What do we want to achieve today? What are our goals for July and August?

For example: We are planning a Fiat On-Ramp. How can we make it more tax-efficient? How do we integrate Liquid Staking into our bundles? What new features can we introduce? How can we use Bitcoin more efficiently? By concentrating on such questions, we direct our energy towards productive tasks.

Acknowledgment and Moving Forward

Of course, it’s important for the team to receive acknowledgment of the current situation. But after that, you must shift focus to the important things that you can control. Otherwise, you’ll be tossed around and become a pawn of circumstances. As a leader, you must fight against the noise and pull the team upwards.

This philosophy applies not only to the crypto sector but to all areas of life. Focus on what you can influence and accept the rest as a natural occurrence.

Personal Insight

Personally, I am watching the prices closely. If prices continue to fall, I might buy more aggressively. If you’ve been planning to buy, now might be a good time. Of course, I’d be happy if you use our new Onramp.

Even though prices fluctuate in the short term, I am very optimistic in the long term. It’s possible that the negative sentiment will suddenly turn around and prices will rise again. I’m still waiting for the Ethereum ETFs, which will probably come next week and could bring a new bullish sentiment.


It’s important to focus on what you can control. Accept the unexpected and channel your energy into productive and controllable tasks. This will help you succeed not only in the crypto market but in life as a whole.

I wish you a great Friday and look forward to Day 39 of our 90-Day Game Challenge. Subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss anything. See you tomorrow!

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