What if someone in your company quits? Especially if they are very important and irreplaceable? On day 37 of the 90-day challenge, we discuss this very topic in light of the current situation. Find out my tips & tricks on how I deal with it in this article.

1. Quitting is normal

In every company, there are always changes. Employees come and go. It’s important to realize that this is a normal process and not the end of the world. Some people might not be the perfect culture fit, and it’s good if they leave. Others are irreplaceable, but even that can be managed.

2. The different groups of employees

When someone quits, first consider which group this employee falls into:

  1. People who should leave anyway: Ideally, this group should have been let go long ago.

  2. Mediocre employees: Here you can work with performance improvement plans or just let them go.

  3. Good but replaceable employees: It’s a shame when they leave, but it’s not the end of the world.

  4. Important employees: These are the ones you really want to keep. Talk to them to find out if there are ways to keep them.

  5. Key personnel: These are extremely difficult to replace. However, you will often find that things continue even when they leave.

3. Handling the resignation

When an employee quits, it’s important to handle it professionally. Don’t play the offended party, but rather support the person on their further path. This leaves a positive impression and maintains the relationship.

4. Communication within the team

Every company handles this differently, but we rarely announce publicly when someone leaves – except for the last two groups. It often doesn’t help to constantly communicate who is leaving. Be transparent, but don’t overwhelm your team with too much information.

5. Stay optimistic

Even if important people leave the company, it doesn’t mean that everything falls apart. Often, new opportunities and possibilities arise that weren’t visible before.


It’s important to stay optimistic and make the best out of every situation. The market might not look rosy right now, but better times will come. Keep your head up and move forward!

I wish you all a great Thursday and we’ll talk again tomorrow.

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