See to believe – or believe to see?! On day 34 of the 90-Day Comeback Challenge, we’ll be discussing this well-known movie clip and how you can find the right balance between realism and optimism as an investor and entrepreneur.

See to Believe or Believe to See?

As an investor or entrepreneur, it’s important to find a mix of both approaches. The majority, around 80%, should be based on viewing things realistically – that is, numbers, data, and facts. The remaining 20% should come from optimism, from believing that things can get better.

Finding the Balance

A good investor sees an investment not as a standstill but as a dynamic process. The same applies to entrepreneurs: you shouldn’t just chase dreams but stay realistic while also looking optimistically into the future. This balance is crucial for success.

Reflect on Your Approach

It’s important to reflect on where you stand in this balance. Are you too rational and thus missing opportunities? Or are you too optimistic and ignoring risks? This reflection can help you find the right balance and make better decisions.

A Look into the Future

As we enter the sixth week of our 90-day game plan, many exciting things lie ahead. We have Germany possibly selling more Bitcoins, rumors about Michael Dell buying Bitcoins, and the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs next week.

I wish you a great start into the week and see you tomorrow for Day 35!

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