Welcome to day 13 of the 90-day challenge. Today we focus on product launches. How do you launch your product successfully? What are my tips & tricks, and what are 3 big mistakes people usually do? I share practical tips from my own experience as an entrepreneur and book author. Enjoy the video!

The Five Most Important Aspects of a Successful Product Launch

1. Leverage Non-Scalable Actions Early On:

At the beginning of a product launch, you have the unique opportunity to do things that won’t be scalable later. For example, in Airbnb’s early days, the founders personally took photos of the rental homes. These personal touches create a deeper relationship with your initial customers and help you gather valuable feedback.

2. Start Marketing Early:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is waiting until your product is perfect before you start marketing it. Start as early as possible to build reach and draw potential customers’ attention to your product. Share your progress, concepts, and stories to spark interest.

3. Avoid Large One-Off Marketing Campaigns:

Instead of investing large sums in a single marketing campaign, you should rely on scalable marketing strategies. Start with smaller budgets for Facebook or Google ads and gradually increase them based on the results.

4. Target the Right Audience:

Your first users are usually early adopters who are particularly interested and engaged. Provide them with ample information and updates to maintain their interest and build their trust.

5. Take Feedback Seriously and Iterate:

Listen to your first customers’ feedback and be ready to make adjustments. Consider in advance which additional features and improvements you could introduce based on the feedback and needs of your customers.


A successful product launch requires careful planning, early marketing, and a close relationship with your initial customers. Avoid the common mistakes and don’t rely too much on automation at the start to bring your product to market successfully. I hope you can learn from my experiences and achieve your own successful product launch. See you tomorrow!

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