What is the recipe for happiness? Is there a way to guarantee happiness – or do guarantees only exist for toasters? 😀 Welcome to Day 12 of the 90-Day Comeback Challenge, and on this beautiful Sunday we’re focusing on the topic happiness. Have fun watching!

What Does It Mean to Be Happy?

Many of us strive for material wealth, health, and perhaps even fame. But if we’re honest, often it’s something much deeper that we’re after: we want to be happy and content. This topic is especially important to me, which is why I’ve written numerous books on it, such as “Timehorizon.”

Scientific Insights on Happiness

There are countless studies on what makes people happy. One particularly well-known experiment is the Rat Park experiment. In this study, rats were exposed to drugs in different environments. The rats that were alone in cages quickly became addicted and suffered greatly. In contrast, the rats that were in a community showed much less interest in the drugs and lived happier lives. This experiment clearly demonstrates how important deep and meaningful relationships are for our well-being.

The Importance of Relationships

People with deep, meaningful relationships have a significantly lower likelihood of suffering from depression. They are psychologically healthier and overall happier. Unfortunately, this aspect is often neglected in our modern society. Many people feel lonely, even when surrounded by millions of fans. Famous individuals and influencers are often an example of this: despite having many admirers, they feel internally lonely because they lack deep, trusting relationships.

Personal Experiences and the Path to Happiness

In recent months, I’ve experienced a lot of stress – whether it’s in the company, with lawyers, or other challenges. In such times, it is difficult to maintain meaningful relationships. You spend less time with family and friends, and your thoughts are often elsewhere. But I’ve learned how important it is to actively nurture these relationships.

For example, yesterday was a very work-intensive day for me. I completed many projects and achieved a lot. But the real happiness came today when I spent the entire day with my family and friends. We ate together, played, laughed, and simply enjoyed the time. These moments are what truly make us happy.

How to Build Meaningful Relationships

There are many ways to build deep relationships. Whether through hobbies, shared activities, or simply by spending time and attention – the most important thing is to invest energy and creativity. It is also important to actively seek help if you feel lonely, and to be there as a good friend for others.

Final Thoughts

Remember that meaningful relationships and the right headspace are crucial for your happiness. If you feel like something is missing, be proactive and look for ways to change it. And don’t forget: it’s often the small, shared moments that make us the happiest.

I hope this post provides you with some valuable insights. Have a wonderful Sunday and see you tomorrow!

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