3 types of hobbies that are indispensable in my life: It’s Saturday, day 11 of the 90-day challenge. For most people, it’s a more relaxed day on which to pursue their hobbies. But what types of hobbies are there? How can your hobbies be useful in your life?

1. Hobbies for Your Health

The first and most obvious benefit of a hobby is health. It’s important to have a hobby that increases your heart rate and physically challenges you. This can be anything from going to the gym, running, or participating in team sports. As a former professional athlete, sports have always been a central part of my life. Even today, most of my hobbies involve physical activity. Health statistics show that regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and generally leads to better well-being. So, find a hobby that gets you moving!

2. Hobbies for Your Mind

Besides physical health, mental challenge is another important aspect of a good hobby. It’s about engaging your brain and being creative. Playing chess, cooking, painting, or making music are great ways to stimulate your mind. These hobbies help you stay mentally fit and develop new skills. Avoid just sitting in front of the TV or Netflix – this often leaves you feeling drained. Instead, look for activities that stimulate your mind and give you new energy.

3. Hobbies for Social Interaction

The third benefit of a hobby is the opportunity to connect with and maintain social contacts. Hobbies that you can do with others are particularly valuable. Whether you’re playing golf with friends, making music together, or engaging in group sports – these activities promote social interaction and help you form new friendships. As adults, it’s often harder to make new friends, but shared hobbies provide a perfect connection point.


Hobbies are not just a way to pass the time; they are an important enrichment for your life. They promote your health, challenge your mind, and provide the opportunity to build social contacts. So, find out which hobbies offer you the most benefit and integrate them into your life.

Tomorrow we continue with Day 12 and a family day. I wish you a great weekend and lots of fun with your hobbies!

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