I’m sitting here, submerged in an ice bath at a frosty 8 degrees, and my body seems just as shocked as some of you might have been when Bitcoin first broke the $60,000 mark. The cold forces me to focus on the essentials. In this post, I want to share my thoughts and speculations about Bitcoin and the general crypto scene with you.

A Look Back: Where the Journey Is Going

Despite my current injury, which affects my running performance, I feel fit enough to make some considerations about the future of Bitcoin. I recently had a very interesting conversation with a good friend from America. He is well connected and we discussed the possible future of Bitcoin.

Currently, we are experiencing a lot of hype about Bitcoin, driven by developments such as the Bitcoin Spot ETF and statements from personalities like Larry Fink. But I’m not here to swim with the hype, but to give a balanced perspective on the future development of Bitcoin.

An Investor with a Mission

Many of you have seen that I have started buying Bitcoin through dollar-cost averaging. I firmly believe that I, as an investor, don’t need to find the bottom or always be right. My primary goal in investing is to make money or at least not lose money. This is achieved by gathering as much knowledge as possible, and in this regard, my contacts and conversations play a crucial role. I often have legal insider information, and right now, everything points to more and more prominent people backing Bitcoin.

Hidden Supporters and Public Advocates

Some of these Bitcoin advocates are already publicly known, others have not yet made their position public. Some of my American friends are heavily involved in RFK’s political campaigns, and it has become known that he holds Bitcoin. This support naturally has a bullish effect on the market.

However, I must emphasize that this does not mean that Bitcoin will shoot to $100,000 overnight. On the contrary, it could well be that Bitcoin first falls again. But that’s the beauty of dollar-cost averaging: It’s not about waiting for a specific price, but investing regularly, regardless of the current price.

Other Coins and the Bigger Picture

Of course, it’s not all about Bitcoin. Ethereum, DFI, and other coins with high utility will, in my opinion, also experience a strong upswing. Many of you often ask me for my opinion on coins like Solana and similar. Honestly, I don’t feel informed enough to have well-founded opinions on these coins. However, I could imagine conducting more interviews in the future to familiarize myself better with these coins.

The Future: A Look Forward

Can Bitcoin rise to $120,000 next year? Given the current development, including the Bitcoin Spot ETF and the halving, I think it’s possible. As for the other coins, I believe Ethereum could reach the $10,000 mark and DFI is on its way to $50. I look forward to the next 12 to 18 months with great anticipation.

Of course, predicting the future is always fraught with uncertainty. What seems bullish today can be bearish tomorrow and vice versa. The key is not to be swept away by short-term fluctuations but to keep an eye on the long-term trend instead.

In Conclusion: A Question for You

I would like to hear your opinion: Do you think Bitcoin can reach $120,000 next year? And which prominent personalities, of which we know nothing yet, could currently be buying Bitcoin or have already done so? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

As I sit here and endure the last minutes in my ice bath, I let thoughts about the future development of the crypto world circle in my head. Perhaps it’s the cold, but I feel optimistic. No matter what the future brings, I look forward to experiencing it together with you. Stay tuned!

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