The crypto world is buzzing again: Is Saylor alone responsible for the current bitcoin pump? What does the rejection of Binance in Germany mean? And what about the Euro cryptocoin?

Institutions and Bitcoin

There’s a lot of discussion about whether institutions are “frontrunning” us as retail customers. A lot of capital has flowed into crypto in recent weeks, but overall interest is still rather low. The question is whether institutions are causing this pump or if there are other factors at play.

The Latest News

There were some interesting news stories over the past week. For example, there were reports of issues with Prime Trust and Binance. These developments could unsettle some people and lead them to quickly flee from crypto.

My Opinion

I don’t believe that institutions are causing this pump. It could be that we have so little liquidity that $200 million traded OTC in a week has a big impact on the market. But I would change my opinion if we continue to see strong institutional interest over the next few weeks.

Is Now a Good Time to Get In?

It’s always difficult to find the right time to get in. But it’s important to stay informed and prepare for possible changes. Whether you believe now is a good time to get in, or you’d rather wait, it’s important to plan your investments carefully.

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