In this video, I discuss some potential investment ideas and the associated risks. We take a look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, and I share my thoughts on the possible developments of these cryptocurrencies in the coming months. Down below you can find a summary.

Bitcoin and the Futures ETF:

Bitcoin is facing an interesting phase. On one hand, there’s the possibility of a Futures ETF, which could bring institutional capital into the market. This would be a significant breakthrough as it would allow Bitcoin to accumulate capital in a way that is currently not possible for Ethereum. This could provide an additional boost for Bitcoin, especially if a recession occurs.

Ethereum and Its Developments:

Ethereum is set for an upgrade scheduled to take place in November. This upgrade, along with a possible Futures ETF, could trigger a rally for Ethereum. However, it’s important to note that if Bitcoin falls at the same time, it could be challenging for other coins to recover.

Tether and the Metaverse:

With Tether, the bet isn’t on an ETF but on the Metaverse and the additional utility created through various burns and trading activities. This could strengthen Tether and is an interesting bet for investors.


We are in a very interesting phase where different cryptocurrencies are undergoing different developments. It’s crucial to understand the risks and be cautious, especially since the market is difficult to predict in the short term. However, positive developments could occur in the next three to six months, and investors should carefully consider and weigh the various options.

I hope this analysis and thoughts are helpful to you. Let me know which coins you are watching and if you see any interesting trading ideas. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to not miss any updates!

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