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In many videos I have clearly said that my portfolio has a lot of cash at the moment. Then I was asked what I would do with all the money, since you lose in the bank with all the inflation.

A very important point is the “nest egg”. Summarized it should be approx. 1 monthly wage, if not even more. This serves in an emergency situation to keep you above water and to be liquid as soon as possible!

A next point is the Peer to Peer Lending. The last time I introduced Gow & Grow, which is fully automated. This time I introduce you to Mintos:

“Mintos is a global marketplace for investment in credit. We are introducing the market for credit as a new asset class – on a large scale. With us, the next generation of individual investors can start small and find a diversified range of loans to invest in. The Mintos marketplace model is unique in its ease of use and accessibility for almost anyone, anywhere. We are working to make investing in credit as normal as investing in stocks, ETFs, real estate or any other major asset class.

By rethinking how money should flow across borders from those who want to save and invest to those who want to borrow, we are revolutionizing the financial services industry and contributing to financial integration on a global scale. (https://www.mintos.com/de/uber-uns/uber-uns/)

I’ve been using Mintos myself for several years, I’ve been planning the video for a long time anyway, and at short notice a cooperation with Mintos has resulted, which is why this is a sponsored contribution.

In the video I show you my account at Mintos and how I set everything myself:

What is your distribution at the moment? Where are you currently focusing and what are your strategies?

Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Looking forward to the next live with you,

Your Julian

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored video. As with any investment, your capital is at risk and the return is not guaranteed. Before you decide on an investment, please read our risk statement or contact a financial advisor if necessary.

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