It’s Arber from the Cake Team again, as always bringing you the highlights of the week – and a lot has been happening in crypto:

Memecoin Craze & Crypto Crash

Crypto in general may be down this week, but there’s also a crazy Memecoin hype going on. I personally know people that made a 50x on their “investment” (or rather: speculation).

In this discussion between Julian and Fabio, they discuss the recent Memecoin surge, the factors driving it and whether there is a long-term future for this. They then discussed the stock market outlook, inflation and rate hike expectations for the next month, as well as Bittrex US’ bankruptcy filing.

You don’t want to miss this – watch the video here:  https://youtube.com/watch?v=55dItw7Cy9Y 

Julian’s Quote of the Week

When times are tough, never forget: “A diamond is nothing else than a piece of coal, that withstood immense pressure.”

In The News

Julian’s Q&A of the Week

Q: What do you think about the concept of HODLing?

A: I think it’s important not to give up or panic right away when you’re in the red on an investment. But an investment, no matter which one, is still about price vs. value. So I don’t believe in the concept of “HODL no matter what.” I believe in buying and HODLing when price is below value, and selling when price is higher than value. Because in the long run, price always approximates to value.

Those were the most important updates from this week. And what have you been up to? 🙂


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