It’s Arber from the Cake Team again, as always bringing you the highlights of the week – if you follow the news, you’ll know what a turbulent one it’s been:

Finding Your Ideal Crypto Platform

The crypto industry is full of different crypto platforms, all claiming to be the best for you.

Which one should you choose? In this short video, Julian goes over 3 crucial points you should consider when making this decision.

Perfect to get started, but even if you’ve been in the industry for a longer time you might want to reconsider your platform of choice: https://youtube.com/watch?v=IwHIsHGX8JE​

What is Cake DeFi Enterprise? A 90-Second Pitch

If you’ve been following Julian for a while, you’ll know that his focus is entirely on making Cake DeFi one of the greatest crypto platforms out there. With Cake DeFi Enterprise, we’re getting one step closer to that:

More and more institutions are adopting Bitcoin, and Cake DeFi Enterprise now makes it possible for them to enter into the exciting world of Decentralized Finance.

Learn what Cake DeFi Enterprise is all about in our 90-Second Pitch: https://youtube.com/watch?v=XvUgPJ6Qzlw​

Julian’s Quote of the Week

Surfer’s mentaity: Leave the ocean better than you found it.

My mentality: Leave anyone and anything (place or person) better than you found it.​

In The News

Julian’s Q&A of the Week

Q: How do I find a mentor?

A: From my experience, you don’t really find a mentor. A mentor finds you.

Those were the most important updates from this week. And what have you been up to? 🙂


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