Since a few weeks we have introduced Bitcoin Lapis at CAKE. So far we have carried out 3 successful public batches and even in this time of crisis we have cracked the returns of over 6%! But how safe is the whole thing?

I am always happy when I get good questions from the community! I always bundle them up and afterwards I like to make a video about it, so that everybody is informed immediately.

Extremely many of us are part of CAKE and are also thinking about it. I got the same three questions again and again:

  1. how likely can you lose ALL your Bitcoins?
  2. how likely is it that you get all your Bitcoins back?
  3. how likely is it that you will get the returns?

Since we at CAKE are uniquely transparent, I would of course like to answer these questions! But so that the added value is not lost, I have made a video where I go into these 3 points in detail:

If you have any questions, please come to our telegram group of CAKE. Of course I’m there myself and I’m there for your questions:

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