The art of recognizing political cycles in a country or region is not only interesting politically, but also as an investor because you have an absolute starting advantage. Furthermore, it can be extremely exciting for you as a private person if you are not tied up like a tree but want to choose a country that fits your needs.

The great art is always to recognize the waves. The really good investors manage to recognize the waves when the big masses do not even have the wave on their screens yet.

For me there are 3 different types:

  1. not noticing (chill out on the beach)
  2. too late (always misses everything)
  3. professionals (usually less than 1 %)

In most cases, people find it very difficult to deal with the big picture – the macro-economic things. Successful investors recognize the big cycles of society and can break them down extremely easily and thus create an advantage for themselves.

How you learn exactly these things, you can see in my detailed video:

How do you see it all? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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