For over ten years I have been trying to read about one book a week every year, that is 52 books in 52 weeks. At the end of each year I reflect on the books and list them with stars as a rating. You can find the books from 2019 here: Part One & Part Two.

Here I would like to present you my top 5 recommendations from 2019:

1. Bad Blood

This book describes the world of the young founder Elizabeth Holmes, how she fraudulently rips off investors and betrays business partners. An absolute must for everyone to see the world from a different perspective.

2. Laws of human nature

Robert Greene is one of the best authors I know and this book is an absolute must to understand our fellow human beings even better.

3. Talking to strangers

Malcolm Gladwell’s sixth masterpiece impressively describes how to properly view new acquaintances.

4. Thinking in bets

An ingenious book to learn to separate decisions from the actual results, because there is always a bit of luck involved.

5. Financial Serial Killers

Money and investing affects just about everyone and this book from an experienced lawyer in the USA explains how to not get ripped off by people.

Honorary Mention: Timehorizon Principle

This is my own book from 2019 and I think it has more than earned a position on this list. The Timehorizon Principle is an essential principle for everyone to be successful in relationships, business or financial matters.

In your opinion, have I forgotten a book on this top five list? Then let me know. I am curious to see what books will be waiting for me in 2020.

Good luck in 2020,



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