Today’s topic is very controversial in my view. I believe that we will see all-time highs in pretty much all markets in the foreseeable future. A lot of people don’t believe that, but I think it’s because of their attitudes and views.

For my reason I have prepared a 12 page presentation for you. It contains numbers, data and facts why I think All Time Highs are most likely to be seen in most markets!

It is very important to me that you can form your own opinion and not just blindly listen to someone. Especially in the German area many crash prophets are very loud – but they hardly made much money themselves, except with their shouting!

Therefore, take notes and hope very much that you can take some things with you personally – so that you can analyze other statements and form your own opinion. Do not just trust blindly!

You can find the detailed video right here:

How do you see the markets and what is your attitude? Buy, sell or hodln?

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