My goal is to read 52 books in 52 weeks for over 11 years. The first half of 2020 is over and I would like to present the 26 books I have read. I have worked with point ratings from 1 to 5. 1-2 is not so good, 3 is neutral, 4 is recommendable and 5 is a MUST Read book!

It is always important for me to share the list with the public, on the one hand to motivate myself and on the other hand to have a multi-valued exchange with the community. It is always exciting how everyone takes a different learning from the same book. Over time, I have noticed that it depends entirely on the current life situation, how you take in a book and which learnings you take out of it.

Another important point for me: I am not interested in knowing every single book I read inside out and taking a learning from every single page. For me, the important point is to read as many books as possible, to take from every 1-2 Learning and to develop my individual points from them.

In this video I have given my short opinion about each of the 26 books and which tips each one brought along for me. Below the video you have linked the whole book list.

  1. Bitcoin Billionaires: 5/5 TOP (https://geni.us/bitcoin_billionaires)
  2. The man who solved the market: 3/5 (https://geni.us/Solved-Market)
  3. The theory of poker: 2/5 (https://geni.us/poker-theory)
  4. Titan John D. Rockefeller – Ron Chernow: 2/5 (https://geni.us/John-Rockefeller)
  5. No place to hide – Glenn Greenwald: 4/5 (https://geni.us/no-place-hide)
  6. Good habits, Bad habits – Wendy Wood: 4/5 (https://geni.us/bad-good)
  7. The art of invisibility – Kevin Mitnick: 3/5 (https://geni.us/the-art)
  8. Permanent Record – Edward Snowden 5/5 TOP(https://geni.us/edward-snowden)
  9. Ride of a lifetime – Bob Iger 4/5 (https://geni.us/Walt-Disney)
  10. Blackout – 5/5 TOP (https://geni.us/blackout-1 und https://geni.us/blackout-2))
  11. Die Optimierer 1/5 (https://geni.us/optimierer)
  12. What to expect when you are expecting 4/5 (https://geni.us/expect-expecting)
  13. What to expect when she is expanding 2/5 (https://geni.us/your-Wife)
  14. The age of deleveraging 3/5 (https://geni.us/age-deleveraging)
  15. No filter 4/5 (https://geni.us/no-filter)
  16. Traffic Structure – PDF – not public 4/5
  17. Expertise Structuring – PDF – not public 4/5
  18. Lord of the Flies 5/5 reread (https://geni.us/lord-flies)
  19. Mastery 5/5 TOP (https://geni.us/Mastery-Robert)
  20. Känguruh 1 5/5 reread (https://geni.us/kaenguru1)
  21. Känguruh 2 5/5 reread (https://geni.us/kaenguru2)
  22. Känguruh 3 5/5 reread (https://geni.us/kaenguru3)
  23. Känguruh 4 5/5 reread (https://geni.us/kaenguru4)
  24. Superpumped Uber 4/5 https://geni.us/pumped
  25. Smartcuts 5/5 TOP (https://geni.us/Smartcuts-Success)
  26. And baby makes three 4/5 (https://geni.us/baby-makes-three)

What is your opinion on this?

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