A lot of people ask me, “Julian, what do you think of Coin XYZ?”

I can partly understand the question, because it is not so easy to evaluate Altcoins. For me I have defined 5 criteria and would like to pass them on to you, so that you can rate the coin XZY yourself.

Gladly I show you the 5 criteria here and consider for yourself how you would argue them:

Pay attention to what?
Who do you rely on?
What do you rely on?
When to buy?
When to sell?

I am very happy to read in your comments how you would rate these 5 criteria.

A very important tip, which buffet always says: You don’t have to earn the money back the way you lost it!

I am very curious about your arguments!

Over New Year I have made a list with the top 13 books in Crypto and Finance: https://julianhosp.com/julians-13-crypto-book-recommendations-for-christmas-2019/

Have fun with the valuable contents!

Your Julian

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