Just got back to Singapore after a 13h flight with 3 kids…

Actually, it went WAY better than I had feared. My older one can now watch and follow movies… so, that makes it so much easier. The twins slept, ate, pooped, slept, ate, pooped, etc. All together all my kids cried for maybe 3-4 minutes… totally ok imo. Still, was happy to finally land… My co-founder U-Zyn was so nice to pick us up.

Really happy to be back in Singapore and looking forward to seeing everyone in the office again on Monday. I am NOT made for a pure remote work environment… I love the hybrid model… MON-FRI in the office, SAT-SUN remote… lol… jk… We do MON,WED, FRI in office, and TUE & THUR remote…

While the kids were sleeping on the flight, I had some time to reflect on the week… At first glance it looked relatively quiet… Crypto is sideways:

Stocks been slightly up.

But, what got me thinking is mostly the following thing: USD Index has been going down dramatically… this shows to me, that the reason prices are up is just because the denominator (the number on the bottom of a fraction) became smaller, which makes the result go up, even though the numerator (the number on the top of a fraction) stays the same:

If this changes (and that if is a big if), this would be dramatic imo. So, def. keep an eye on the FED on Wednesday… but, this is not for today’s e-mail. Will send you an e-mail what to watch out for on Monday.

The other thing that happened this week that got me thinking is the BUSD backing issues with rumors of Binance pumping the market for a cover up… could be true, not sure! https://www.binance.com/en/feed/post/179888 Let me know what you think… FUD or FACT?

Other than, both, crypto and general markets are truly quiet… too quiet almost. Let’s see.

Enjoy the weekend and hear you Monday