Retired by 30 – this is how it works!

25 stories I would tell my Younger Self

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25 Stories I would tell my younger self

If you:

  • Need the extra motivation to step out of your comfort zone and have personal growth (maybe you want to move abroad or start a professional sports career, or change jobs?)

  • You are ahead of a big change and need guidance (move abroad, change jobs, personal shifts)

  • Feel stuck at where you are and need help and support to see new ways

  • Are at college or graduated from college and want to know through real life lessons if you are on the right track

  • Want to have highly productive days and get done twice as much as usual successfully

  • Want to get well-tested tips on personal finance, learn how to network professionally and have fun doing business

  • Are doing awesome already, but want to be inspired to have even more personal growth or try something new

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