I am
Dr. Julian Hosp.

People also call me the Breakthrough Creator. 

Over 50.000 people have already used my materials and products to learn and actually experience a breakthrough in their life. This might be a positive change in your relationship, starting to be in charge or your finances or improve your mindset radically.  


Everything I do I have tested myself in my business multiple times before passing it on to you.

I do not believe in the sole power of motivation nor inspiration as neither creates lasting results – it only treats symptoms. Instead, I show you how to create a breakthrough that is changing your life forever. 

I am convinced, that knowledge does not mean you have power – anyone can access almost any knowledge today. It is knowledge brought into action that is the true power nowadays. 

I offer 99% of all my materials completely free of charge. My aim is to make my free stuff way better than most of the “paid products” that are out there. 

I know that you have countless options on people you could learn from, books you can read, websites or blogs you can follow. 

Therefore I know that I’ve got to earn your trust first by creating awesome videos, articles and products. If you’re curious now, checkout some cool stuff here: 


10 years Pro-Kitesurfer, 7 years Medicine & serial entrepreneur.

I come from an average family living in Tyrol, Austria in the middle of the mountains. At 16 years old I decided to move to the US to play basketball – this was the first time where I chose to go against mainstream opinions. When I told my family that after I studied medicine while being a Pro-Kitesurfer for 10 years I chose not to continue to work as a medical doctor but instead to move to Asia to start my own business they weren’t thrilled (as you might imagine). I made some really though decisions – some of them were really bad ones – which in 2008 completely ruined me financially. Since that year I am obsessed to collect knowledge and learn the key factors that the Top 1% use to be ultra-successful.

Bringing this into action I am running multiple companies, where my main business is a FinTech Company called TenX (www.tenx.tech), working in the blockchain/Bitcoin area.
My other passion is to pass on the tools I created for myself to create breakthroughs and the best version of a life one can have running a company called I-Unlimited (www.i-unlimited.de).

I also love being on stage talking to kick-ass people  – get more infos here.


To give as much knowledge to as many people as possible I released my second book called “Retired by 30 – 25 Stories I would tell my Younger Self” in 2015 containing 75 lessons packed into 25 real-life stories. 

What initially started as a project became a multiple Amazon Bestseller read by people all over the world.

No matter if you go to my live events, listen to me at a talk, purchase my products or else – I always follow the same approach – UNDERSTAND, VISUALIZE & BRING IT INTO ACTION.

I use a unique approach combining my knowledge out of pro-sports, medicine and entrepreneurship which will give you a complete understanding why we do what we do and how to use this to your benefit.

Use my success-proven methods and strategies like thousands of other people before to create your breakthrough and live the life you deserve.